Saturday, June 13, 2009

Unique Collaboration

I had to go to Borders to get some of the books for my mandatory summer reading list (Yes, it sucks.). So while I was in line waiting to pay, I noticed all the cool things Borders always has like cute little bookmarks, chocolates, wind-up toys, Moleskine notebooks, and candy. I usually don't pay attention to those things but today I found something that reminded me of my recent past in 2 ways. Guess what it was. I bet you can't, it's a tin of mints, but not regular mints...not at all.

The tin was a tokidoki tin! That reminded me of my past wantings of tokidoki for LeSportsac bags. But gosh, I never got 1 because they were just so expensive. I pondered about getting a fake one in Chinatown when I was in New York City, but it didn't look that nice (It was a fanny pack) and it was pretty expensive, even with my Asian haggling skills, for a fake bag. Then at the mall that I usually go to, there is a stand outside of the Sanrio store, that also had fake tokidoki bags, but that stand put really high prices for everything! So I didn't get. But now I have something that's tokidoki, authentic I hope!

I didn't discover the second thing until I opened the tin to see what it looked like. Inside was a mirror! I can't really explain so I will let you look at it for yourself at their official website, So how it related tomy recent past, so as you know since the beginning of 8th grade year for me, I have been wanting a little compact mirror, that was also unique. So I looked everywhere, and now when I wasn't looking I got one! It looks really sturdy too.

But I sure hope the tokidoki & Little i Mirror Mints collaboration is authentic because I didn't see anything in both of their website about this collaboration between them 2, so that means no pictures to show, boohoo!

But check out and even if this unique collaboration isn't listed on there!

Oh yes, by the way, the tin of mints was $5, a bit pricey for just a tin of mints, I thought at first, but I bought it anyway and I'm glad I did.

Friday, June 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

So as a dancer, it was instinct for me to watch FOX's So You Think You Can Dance! Why am I finally telling you this? Because BoA's English song, "Did Ya" was featured in it. Asuka Kondoh danced to it to save herself from getting eliminated from the show because she and Vitolio (her partner) got the 3 lowest number of votes. She rocked in the dance if I could say so myself.
Start watching at 2:07.

If you want the whole song. It's really catchy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 Romeos & Juliette

So if you know me, you would know that I dreaded SHINee's comeback because of the song Juliette, but after watching some of their performances on KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, and SBS Inkigayo, I have realized that their performances are more than just the copied song. I love the dance, and now obviously I am not dreading their performances.

They just released their dance MV, which is all dance, no annoying Krystal Jung or Transformer-esque masks, just all dance. I watched it and now I want to learn the dance.

They are so in sync and together. They are very "charasmatic", but because of that"charisma" I like watching SHINee performances more than anybody else. they always give it their best and they never look tired.

So enough of my praising SHINee, I bet you want to watch the dance MV for SHINee's Juliette! They are all amazing but you should look out for Taemin, he is by far the best.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Forever 21

Also on the shopping trip today, I went to Forever 21. There were 3 things that I saw on the website that I wanted to buy. At the store I didn't find any of them, I have been walking out of Forever 21 empty-handed and pretty disappointed lately.

I need a compact mirror, and I really liked the rose, so I waited...and waited for it to be in stock, but I never saw it in stock at the store. I went to two different stores for it and still nothing.
I wanted this tank because...this might sound crazy...Sohee and Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls are on it! Ye Eun is the one standing the most to the left, and Sohee is the one standing in the center. For the pictures of the girls in that pose and clothes, go to and look through the archives, it's not that old. So I went twice and still no tank top.
I wanted this shirt simply because it had a heart and it had Snoopy. My friend and I have been wanting a Snoopy shirt since the celebrity endorsements (Super Junior, Big Bang, maybe SHINee) for the Korean brand Nii ( Same thing, I went to the same store twice and no shirt.

I might try the stores again for the 3 things above, if I don't find them I might just have to order it online, which I really don't like to do.

Going Back... Aeropostale! Today I went to the mall to return the pair of sandals I bought. I thought I was going to buy a bigger size of the same style of sandals but I decided not to. So when my mom was looking at plates and pots at a store, I snuck to Aeropostale because I had nothing else to do and it was close by. I haven't been in Aeropostale in a long time, not as many things fit my taste now, because they are mostly screen Ts and hoodies. But as I was walking around the store, a few things caught my eye. I think the main influence of the new need for the not-as-casual-as-t-shirts-but-still-pretty-casual kind of shirts are from Hollister Co. and Abercrombie & Fitch, stores that I also haven't been to in a while. But I recently went on a shopping/mall trip with my friends and re-fell in love with the clothes at Hollister Co. and Abercrombie & Fitch.
This was the only top I bought today. I needed more of the not-as-casual-as-t-shirts-but-still-pretty-casual kind of shirts. I realy like the plum color of the top and the ribbon and stitching near the buttons.
I liked the ties on the side but not the fake tank top underneath so I put it back. But still, an honorable mention.
I liked the flowery lace where the bottons are on this shirt but I didn't want white and the only other color was brown so I didn't get it. I also don't know what I would wear underneath of it because it seems really loose.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Bath & Body Works' Pocketbac Hand Gel
This stuff not only smells good, it also kills germs! I don't know how much more expensive it is than other hand sanitizers but it doesn't smell like alcohol whenyou rub it in (Does that mean it does not haveas much germ killing ingredients?). It was also five Pocketbacs for $5. They are really tiny, and I will admit that it is a little expensive, but before it was like $1.50/Pocketbac! That would be $7.50! I saved $2.50! I got Nectarine Mint, White Citrus, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Midnight Pomegranate, and Unscented.


Not the cracker kind, the soft bread kind you find at the mall! I usually don't eat pretzels at the mall, but today I just had to get one, or two! Pretzel dogs to be exact. One for breakfast and one for lunch. I have never ealized how good they were. I am getting hungry from just writing about it. I want another one!

I got a new pair of flip-flops and Old Navy today. I really wnated a pair of fancier flip-flops and the rubber ones I always love. I don't know if I should get a pair that's one size bigger because I think I would feel ore comfortable in a pair that's one size larger, I have wider feet too, so I don't know if I should keep them.

Hollister Co.
I used to not really like Hollister Co. that much because it was really expensive,but today with my friends, I really liked all the knit tanks there. It's perfect for summer, for me at least. I want to buy some, even though they are a bit on the pricey side for clothes. That's what the clearance section and outlet stores are for!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like: Aaron Yan & Jung Ui Chul

I was just watching episode 11 where Ha Jae (Jung Ui Chul) comes in and basically saves Jan Di. I noticed that he looked like Aaron Yan, someone who I used toreally like when I like Fahrenheit. Not saying that I don't like them anymore though. I had to do my research about Jung Ui Chul, before I didn't know what his real name was. It was pretty hard to get a nice picture of his.