Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Don!

I really like this song, even if it sounds kinda angry. I never really knew what they were singing so I googled the English lyrics of it and here's what I got:

Money, Money! (Don't Don)

If this is the end, if there's not another chance,
I'm gonna tell you that you're all wrong
All you people who can't laugh in this comedic world, go away

*Money! Money! Everything in this world is about money
You! that's stuck in a circle
What is your mind
(Rap) You outta control, what is your mind
I beg you to look around you, you can see the desire in one's eyes

(Rap) Stop bangin my head, my eyes gone red..
Slowly you're drifting afar..
You have more than enough in your life
Be happy in your life with what you've got..
Even though those people with dreams are disappearing one by one, nothing seems to be changing

The world is mine.
I'm the way of this world
When I was waiting for those to become happy
I just happened to grab my opportunity a little sooner than others
There's no consideration for the weak

Even if you burn up all the fireworks inside me, I can never give up
It's not for them but for the children of our future

Don't be so disappointed, it's not me!
It's the world that made you like that

Everything that I've wanted I always get
Even the world may turn it's back on me,
I close my eyes and ears
I'm going to make them dizzy,
I just need an ok head and some money

Even though you burned up all the fireworks inside me, I want to look out after you
It's for my kids who are to go living in this world

*Money! Money! Everything in this world is about money
You! that's stuck in a circle
What is your mind
(Rap) You outta control, what is your mind
I beg you to look around you, you can see the desire in one's eyes
(Rap) Stop bangin my head, my eyes gone red..

**Don't.. Don't.. Let's stop now
And take off your hypocritic mask

(Rap) Free yourself! From your hypocrisy and from your fake mask
Everyones waiting,
(Rap) Throw it away! Your hypocrisy and your mask

So basically this song is talking about money! I would have never thought that. The phrases in bold stood out to me so much because lately I have been wanting a lot of things and just not thinking about the things that I have already have, and I just realized I already have sooo much. I am incredibly blessed. And that's why I posted the lyrics here. But a new sweater and shoes won't hurt, right? ;P

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hoodies...with Ears?

What's with me and clothes these days? I don't know but duing these days I found a lot of cool things on and a lot of other sites. Take a look at hoodies with ears I found on!

$32 by Sechuna. Ahh, the third post for this special one. It looks scarily likethe one below except for the face, the sleeves, and the pockets...and the length if you want to be specific.
Temporarily out of stock ($28) by Dodostyle. This is like the perfect hoodie for me! Stripes, ears, and its not too extravagant! To bad it's out of stock right now. I want to buy this one! It ends above mid-thigh.
Temporarily out of stock ($48) by Sechuna. This looks like one of the hoodies below. Same plaid ears but, this is more of a coat. It looks more formal than the hoodie. It has buttons on the front with the same fabric of the ears. I think it's kinda like a prep school uniform coat with ears. Asian Gossip Girl anyone?
$38 by Sechuna. I like the size of the ears but not the cute face next to it. And if you look clearly at the bottom of the hoodie, it's a panda, and my, that panda needs a workout lol. In this picture, you can't really see it so I'll describe it for you. The fat panda is lying on its tummy and it has a big white bow on top. The eyes of the panda look exactly like the eyes on the hood.
$32 by Sunbijou. The ears are the perfect size! It's just that Mr. Happy is kinda bugging me. I don't think the the design of Mr. Happy quite matches putting ears on a hoodie. But other than that it's perfect.
$38 by Sechuna. I think I might have posted this already in the black and white stripes post. This time it's the ears! I think the ears are too long. I like the ears to be nice and short. Adding black and white stripes are smart. Hit both of my likings. It also came in all black with striped ears and details.
$72 by Sechuna. I might have posted this one under my prison stripes article. I think the ears are too long. I'll probably look like a freak walking the park if I wore that, but it's really cute. I just think it attracts too much attention for me. Also hit both my likings.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stars and STRIPES

So as I become obsessed over the Pajama Party song, I simply need a black and white striped top to dance the dance in., here we come!
$30.00 by Dodostyle. The ribbon is really cute but htis picture doesn't really show the rest of the top.
$18.00 by Soneed. It looks really comfortable. Pajama Party! <3> $28.00 by Annstyle. Ooh, shiny!! It's all white in the back though.

$32.00 by Baba Alice. This one is...abstract. I'm not much of risk maker so...i guess I wouldn't wear this.
$15.00 by Stylementor. Woah, a tube top. I never NEVER wear tube tops but if you do it's kinda cute.
$20.00 by CT Girl. I like this one, but that's because I have a liking for bows. ;P
$25.00 by I Love Oshare. I think the sleeves are too big for my liking.
$22.00 by Andi Apple. This comes in black and so do the ones in Steve & Barry's, for $8.98 at the Great Mall.
$32.00 bye Andi Apple. This is more formal so I wouldn't really wear it except to like semi-special occasions.
$20.00 by Gaksultang. Is it black with whitestripes or white with black stripes, that is the real question. I think this top is uneven but they might be doing that on purpose. But when I look at it it seems like somethingswrong with it. Not insulting the company of course.
$25.00 by Romy. The ones in thie picture are orange and yellow but it comes in black. It is very loose. I don't think I would wear such loose clothes. It comes with an inner top. I don't know exactly what it looks like though.

$32.00 by Lunaris. This one is a tank top that comes with a scarf. I don't normally wear scarves though, I could give it to my mom. But without the scarf I found almost the same thing at Steve & Barry's in the Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker line for $8.98.
$38.00 by Sechuna. This one is a basic hoodie wth ears. I think the ears are a little too long. Don't you think so too?
$15.00 (originally $25.00) by 59 Seconds. I like this one, especially the price! I could were a white tank top under and a pair of jeans. But my bust might not be able to hold up the top lol.
$58.00 by McColin. I wouldn't normally wear shirt dresses because I think they're too short for me but probably with leggings or something they might not be that bad. $32.00 by Sechuna. Ahh...this one. The one I posted before. before I really loved this piece but now that face on the hood seems kinnda childish. Still cute though.
$25.00 by Painting. Again if you were buy this one, just go to Steve & Barry's.
$15.00 by Stylementor. This one seems really comfortable. Especially when you're dancing the Pajama Party dance, you want a shirt that at least looks comfortable. The stripes are a little too thin for me though.
$22.00 by Click. Even though this picture features blue stripes, this does come in black and a lot of other colors too. Again it seems very comfortable as it is very loose with a strecthy band on the bottom.

*You might have to pay $14 (USA, Asia Pacific) or $16 (Canada, selected European countries) for shipping if you don't live in China or Hong Kong or if your total is not over $150.

Opening Ceremony

No I'm not writing about how great and magnificient the opening ceremony was. It would have been all that if there wasn't fake singing and fireworks.

Remember the little girl in the red dress singing a song? Well turns out that the little girl in red was just there for show. The little girl who really sang the song was not shown because she was not "pretty" enough. Does that tell you about China's thoughts on outer image. Not even a slighty chubby little girl with crooked teeth can sing a song on a stage.

And remember the 29 footprints that led to the Birds Nest? Yea, I thought that was pretty cool until...I found out that the footprints that viewers saw on TV were digitally done. They really had the 29 footprints but broadcasted something fake. That's right, fake!

I thought China had changed into a better country. Ever since the Olympics, they have tried immensely to reduce pollution, stop people from spitting, and built so many new buildings. But not even an honest opening ceremony, that's pretty low.

Her are links to the articles I read about the opening ceremony:

Monday, August 11, 2008


I saw in 世界日報 (World Journal), in the Entertainment section of 8/10/08 that Yesung fell off the stage during the rehearsal of their song Pajama Party in the KBS Music Bank. He fell the distance of 150 centimeters. He said he felt pain in his shoulders, I think. They immediately called for an ambulance and Yesung was escorted to the hospital. The he got transferred to another hospital to be examined more closely. He didn't perform that day. Let's all pray for him to have a fast recovery. Get well! Yesung hwaiting!

New Stuff

Wow I have been on the recieving end this week! Well, do school supplies count?

Yesterday, I got a red-purple polka dot, 4-subject notebook (my 1st time seeing a 4-subject notebook), a Domo-kun folder, book covers, and a Camp Rock folder. The notebook came with a free 1-year subscription to Cosmo!girl magazine. I went into Target thinking I would get like patterned or animal folders but instead Jonas Brothers (of course), Demi Lovato, and Domo-kun are on the covers of my folders. I got 3 new book covers. a swirly looking one, a striped one, and one with rows and rows of (mostly) blue hearts. And today...I'm so happy because I got The Second Album of Super Junior and their movie Attack on the Pin-Up Boys.

I watched Attack on the Pin-Up Boys before but I got it anyway. The movie, to me is...weird and not really Oscar worthy if it were in America. But its a movie you just watch because you feel like it.

The Second Album comes with a DVD that plays in all regions, which makes me so happy. The CD has 14 songs and the DVD has 1. Marry U Jacket Sketch 2. Prologue 3. Relay Talk 4. Member Personal Story! "Talk to Myself!" 5. Epilogue 6. Don't Don music video Making Film 7. Don't Don music video (version 1) 8. Marry U music video Making Film. Sadly the DVD does not have English subs so I had to guess what they were saying with the few Korean words I knew, but for some, I watched the subbed videos on I can happily dance the chorus of Don't Don with Super Junior dancing along on my TV!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Happy Happy~

This is a sub group of Super Junior. They aren't that new though, they debuted in June. Super Junior Happy is kinda like Super Junior Trot (Suju-H doesn't sing trot) but with Yesung instead of Heechul and without the crazy sequined suits. Instead they have dressed like school students perhaps. Eunhyuk almost always has a backpack on. Their *Cooking? Cooking! and *Pajama Party music videos are the cutest I have ever seen. The dance steps in the music videos are very easy to do (and very cute). I never really paid much attention to them until my friend told me she got al the songs and that they were really cute. Be sure to check out their website,
*See below for the music videos!

Super Junior-Happy-Pajama Party

Super Junior-Happy-Cooking? Cooking!

Friday, August 8, 2008


So the supposed luckiest day in Chinese culture has arrived and so has the 2008 summer Olympics. All the athletes 加油! Bring some gold medals back to the USA! I saw Hangeng's leg of the torch run thingy and it was like 5 seconds to the next person. I was like O_O" thats it?! Anyway the opening ceremony in the USA is in 2ish hours away and I'm gonna have to record it because I'm going to church. It's 7:30-12:00 pm! Thats a really long ceremony. The people who actually saw the Olympics in person are so lucky! It must have been amazing.

Congratulations to Super Junior who won Favorite Artist of Korea. They beat Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and Girl's Generation. Super Junior hwaiting! I'm so happy because I voted for them like 5 times! :D Siwon's English makes your heart melt!

Well, school starts on the 18th for me. Yeah, I know, sucks right. That's not the worst part...I have to wear tube socks! I don't even know where to get them! But I got time, I need to get my other school supplies too. It was only this year that I realized how many trees we kill on notebooks alone not mentioning other stuff like binders, backpacks, pencils, etc. So I have made a vow to buy less and reuse more.

I was watching Brain Battle guest starring T.O.P, Taeyang, and Seungri from Big Bang and Supernova, I think. they're actually really good at math, lol. And everytime they solved a math problem right they did the "Baby, Baby, Baby" dance from Last Farewell.

Ok now for the materialistic side of me. I really really want a black and white stripe shirt of some sort. It's kinda fobby so the only site I tried to find it in was and I found some...but my parents don't want me to order them. *SECRET ORDERING* (the ears are so cute!)