Monday, May 26, 2008

Smencils and CDs Anyone?

I was at the National Cathedral in Washington DC and I bought a Smencil. I got the chocolate scented one and my friend got the watermelon scented one. The best pert is that theyre made of 100% recycled newpapers. I dont know about the eraser and the metal pert holding the eraser to the pencil is recycled newspaper though, but they say the whole thing is 100% recycled newspaper. I want more so I need to find somewhere that sells them. Theres but that's $12 for 10 of them. I just need 9. I went on and found that they sold like boxes of bins of these, kits to make them yourself, and other stuff. Its really cool. My school should do one of their fundraisers. Id actually buy something for once.

I wonder when my friend is going to Taiwan. She promised to get me some CDs. I want:



Sunday, May 25, 2008

T-shirts, Jay Chou, and Super Junior

Hello! Im back from Washington DC and NYC! Everything was really fun except for going to sleep...and waking like 6 hours later. Everybody was so exhausted, there was not one bench we did not like to sit in and snooze for a few seconds. Everybody took naps on the bus including, and I got a few pictures of people sleeping...the good, the bad, and the ugly. I saw Wicked and it was amazing! The people, the voices, everything. But do you know what really killed me? NOT ENOUGH SHOPPING TIME TO EVEN GET AN I ♥ NY SHIRT!!! But whats fnny is that I got an I ♥ DC shirt instead.

Anyway coming back to lovely California...I went to the church picnic. It was fun, I guess. I was freezing cold though and I see almost everyone wearing like shorts and a t-shirt. Then I saw Secret with Jay Chou. He was the director too. It amazed how good at piano he was.
Sunday, church was fun. I stayed so long because of a few meetings but I wasn't bored because everybody else stayed too. Im craft again but this year, its different. Im a station instead of one per class.

I think Im adicted to Korean pop now. I havent listened to 棒棒堂 or 飛輪海 in such a long time. Its just been Super Junior, DBSK, and Big Bang. Especially Super Junior-M, but technically that counts as Mandarin.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Latest Obsession

I really like Super Junior now for some reason. Even though there were 13 of them and they split up into like little sub bands under Super Junior like M, T, K.R.Y. One of them is Chinese and you have to hear the Chinese version of U. I have way more of their sngs than of DBSK and Big Bang even though I first heard them about the same time.

*Sorry for so many posts today. I guess I'm trying to manke up for all the days I'm going to miss in the week to Washington DC/NYC!! I'm so excited!


I have been so behind on my dramas latey. I haven't watched any since like a month ago. I need to start Rolling Love and finish They Kiss Again and Romantic Princess!! But I'm too busy blogging about it, lol!

PE Rambling and Our Lovely School...not!

Ok,well we were supposed to have PE but who knows what happened so we were online. I couldn't go on my email, I couldn't even go on this! I got caught and was forced to sign out. I mean I understand not being able to go on Myspace and everything but email?! Ok maybe I understand that too but seriously doesn't that just make our school even worse. I mean our 3 ft by 3 ft school can't get any worse. No trees for shade, it's like a desert outside! Come on, plant some freakin trees!! Let me get some reviews for this lovely lovely school...ok nevermind most of them were actually good to my surprise. Probably because it was for the elementary school and preschool. Anyway, in the category of trip to Washington DC! I can't wait...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Computer Class Daydreaming

Ahhhh, so everything is done. Ok not everything, my packing for Washington D.C. on Saturday is not done. But that's about it.
DBSK, Super Junior, and Big Bang is so addicting. U and O, haha the weirdest names for songs. It so cool how I 'm singing something that I don't even understand. They all have small someone I know!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday I'm in Love...and Saturday and Sunday

I like that song but that was just a creative title. Anyway my weekend...

On Friday, I went to Great America. I realized if the rating for the ride is above 4, I'll chicken out except for the Rip Roaring Rapids. I'd ride that a million times. And I screamed my throat out and spent like $10 on candy. Suh a smart decision. After I went to church. Yepp, not much after that except...

On Saturday, ugh Chinese school. But then I went to the Great 3:00 pm. I was waiting for my dad who was waiting for me and my mom who was waiting for my dad. So I was listening to my iPod to pass the time. Then we finally got to the mall...After that, I went to Jim's house. It was fun I guess. The board games, the secreat meeting, the sushi, the someone...

I got hairbands, an Aeropostale hoodie, and a bag from Amuse. I couldn't find the picture of the hairbands from and I couldn't find a website for Amuse.

On Sunday, good old church. Yepp, everything's usual there. After that I went to Michael's and I finally got the words and the ribbon. And guess what, the ribbon fits through the little staple in the back of the word! The words I got were Dream, Laugh, Smile, Live, RELAX, wish, and HOPE. I was sad when there was no more wood words for love, there was last time I went which was with Alex and Leslie. And the words are either in purple, yellow, teal, light blue, or green. So I'm going to have to do something to them before I put them up. The ribbon is cream, and really thin. I went home and did my history homework...kinda. I still need to finish it though, lol! I bought some songs on iTunes...

Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

Friday I'm in Love by The Cure

*Wow, I spent a lot of money this weekend! Happy Mothers Day! I really have to honor my mom more often though...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hand in Hand

I normally don't watch the ads on the page but this one is so cute! Otters are holding hands and on breaks off and is stranded there so the other comes back holds its hand again. ♥

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ivory Ribbon and 棒棒堂

You know the ivory ribbon I was hoping to get at Michael's...well I found a spool of it in my mom's drawer! Now I can begin my redecorating! Well, first I have to get all of the words but pshhh...I got the ribbon, lol!

I wasted so much time watching the 棒棒堂 DVD I got with my CD. I still have history homework to do. You lucky people who finished or didn't have to go to school today! Not fair, lol!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rolling Love?

I want to watch this drama! It aired its first episode yesterday in Taiwan.