Monday, February 23, 2009


Oh, how much I love these boots/pumps. I love the fake buttons on the side. I really want them. They are on sale at about $43 at The brand is 59 Seconds, a Hong Kong Brand, and it is about 50% off. Do you think that's a good deal? Should I buy it? The problem is that everyone knowws that I am a very casual girl. I almst always were sneakers. When I don't I wear flats. I NEVER wear pumps unless a special occasion. BUT I REALLY LOVE THESE! Do you think I should buy it? Would it be worth it? I probably have to tell my friend soon so that she orders them if I want them. Please help me decide! (Even though I know like no one knows about or read this blog)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am realy into the bow headband trend. I have been in love with bows before and headbands are a very simple way to accessorize an outfit without making it too much. Put those two together. Voila!
*All of these headbands are from Forever 21. They can be found at the stores and at

Super Rookie

Well, this drama is not all that is in this post. But I am watching it right now. I can't really give a good summary because I am only on the first episode. I'll give you guys a summary when I finish it.

I went shopping today It was proabably only because I had to return a wallet. I simply didn't want it anymore. I think I got pretty good deals today.

At H&M, I got 2 cardigans for the price of one. They were having a spring sale. I got a grey and a black cardigan. There is no internet shoping in the US for H&M, so I can't show what they look like.

Forever 21

Lindsey Skinny Jean

$12.50 Fabulous Finds

- Low rise dark rinse denim skinny jeans with four pockets, button fly and contrast stitching.

- 42" approx length from waist to hem, Inseam 33", rise 8.5", leg opening 14" for size 29.

- 83% cotton, 16% polyester, 1% spandex, machine wash cold.

- ImportedProductCode: 2043841563

I got indigo and dark grey. I'm not really sure whether I look good in them, I hope I do.

Fab Knit Cami

$2.50 Fabulous Finds

- Basic stretchy skinny spaghetti strap camisole, great for layering!

- 22" approx length from shoulder to hem.

- 90% cotton, 10% lycra. Machine wash cold.

- Imported. ProductCode: 2044516104

I didn't get exactly the same one. I got one for $4.80, more expensive but still a good deal. It was 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

Fab Petite Bow Headband

$1.50 Fabulous Finds

- A pretty headband wrapped with grosgrain ribbon and topped with a petite bow.

- 3.0" wide bow x 0.7" thick band

- Imported. ProductCode: 1057272011

I didn't get the exact same one, mine is pink, but a lighter blush-like pink. It is not grosgrain, but polyester made to look like silk. The bow was a double bow and lastly it was $3.80, not as great as a deal but I really liked it. It also came in cream and black.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barbie Dolls

Speaking of Korean celebrities, I think almost every celebrity in South Korea has had plastic surgery. I applaud those who didn't. I want to be like those who never had plastic surgery if I ever become a celebrity.What's the point? People are special because they don't look like each other (well except for identical twins) and they should keep it that way. You were born an original, why try to change it.

But then plastic surgery could be like braces. Almost everyone has braces. I guess it depends on your perspective. I guess the main point is to not go overboard with the plastic surgery. Or else you'll look like an alien.

So for a self esteem boost I have provided pre-debut pictures of SNSD (Credits to

Everything Right Now

How was everyone's Valentine's Day yesterday? I didn't do anything. The closest I got to love was in I'm Sorry I Love You that I was watching almost all day. So I just wanted to fill you guys in with what's happening with me right now. Well not really. Nothing is happening. I have Presidents Day, not week, day off. That's what you get for going to private school, a lot less breaks than public schools.

I think my style of clothing has changed. I actually want it to change. I used to wear a lot of graphic t-shirts that cost like $10 a piece. I've become smarter and have not really looked at stores like Aeropostale, or American Eagle which I used to really liked to shop at. The things there, if not on sale, were pretty expensive. I guess it was just the brand that I was into, not the clothes. Now I look back and wonder why I bought a few pieces of clothing from thoses stores. At some point I think the name brand and the annoying saegull or moose or eagle on the side of your shirts just make them even more annoying! Well, anyway I really like to shop at Forever 21 and Love Culture now. I like the styles there and they aren't that expensive. My style has changed to be more focused on accessories like right now I really like scarves because it's kind of cold.

I am awaiting the comeback of Super Junior as a whole. No more subgroups please! 4 is more than enough. But I know of course Father SM will indeed bring on more subgroups. I wonder what the concept is this time. I hope they don't look like what they looked like when they did Don't Don. I mean, I love that song and the dance, but those hairstyles have got to go.

I'm addicted to the Gee dance, as you know. I have most of it. I don't know where my not liking of SNSD started. Was it the many scandals or Jessica or the big dirty mouth of Tiffany? Or is it the fact that they can't perforem live most of the time? Sorry, just not to my liking. And that crazy Soshi fan that stabbed an Elf. I'll admit Elf are a bit crazy enough but stabbing them? That's just...stupid Korean fandom, no obssession to a dangerous state. After loking at some of their before debut pictures has given me so much confidence in succeeding if I audition for SM Entertainment because some of them look so different! It's crazy, you think people might be born like that, but nope it's all thanks to plastic surgery.

I'm really impressed at FT Island and there comeback on SBS Inkigayo. Song Seung Hyun (I think that's his name, right?) is really stepping up to the spot of Wonbin. I love how they used Vivaldi's Winter in the intro for Mising U, it's truly really beautiful.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like:Eunhyuk & Tablo

I've always knew about this one but never put it up until today when I saw this picture of them together. They look like each other right? Or is it just my eyes? They are both the rappers of of their groups. Eunhyuk even covered Fan by Epik High on Sukira/Kiss the Radio.