Saturday, September 27, 2008

Super Show

The DVDs for Super Junior's Super Show which was on 2/22/08 in the Seoul Olympic Park are going to be out on 10/2/08. You can preorder them on There are two versions, one with a folded poster and one with the same poster in a tube. The CDs an everything else are the same. The folded poster version is $34.99 which is $10 less than the one with the poster in the tube which is $44.99, but protection for the poster is best, I guess. I would rather put up a nice un folded poster than a folded one because it looks prettier. The problem is I don't know whatthe poster looks like. If it looks like the posters sold by itself of Super Show (which I wanted to buy before) then, I'll go with the tube. If it's some cheappy looking one, probably not.

Poster in tube

Folded Poster

Happy 6th Day of Fall!

I can't wait to be able to hear the crisp crunch on leaves when I step on them, making a trail down the sidewalk. Wearing scaves and sweatersto my joy, and not suffering a heat stroke from it. The vivid colors of the road I drive down everyday, Halloween costumes, pumpkin pie, and enough turkey to last you a year are things I can't wait. So all the colors inspired an outfit...Okay maybe not the colors but I got a new outfit. Sorry I was going to post pics but that picture button is kind of wonky for me today. D:

And add some gold bangles :)

Speaking of HAPPY, Super Junior-Happy...Well, I don't know what happened to them lately but I'm listening to them right now ^.^ And seriously happy is the only word that describes them. You turn happy when you listen to them. These are their Cooking? Cooking! albums, each different versions. (Taiwan version CD + DVD $17.99) (Taiwan version CD $14.99) (Korea version CD + photobook $11.99)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumn is Coming!

...and that means sweaters and scarves! I thought of an outfit on Friday when Alicia tried on that ugly ugly new uniform sweater vest with her vintage wash jeans. The bag, I just added that.