Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Songs

Lately these 3 songs hae been lingering in my head. I've listened to them before, but they never quite stuck, until this week.
Collide by Howie Day
My friends and I were talking one day about songs that made us cry before, and my friend said this song. We started singing it, and she changed her AIM status to "somehow find you and i collide :D" This song didn't leave as much of a mark as the other two songs did though.
8282 by Davichi
This song caught my attention when Isak sang "Give me a call, baby baby," during Pops in Seoul when she was talking about celebrities calling other celebrities to be featured in the songs. So she wanted to do it too so she sang it. Later that day, that one phrase that Isak sang was so stuck in my head that I decided to find the whole song. So I guessed it was 8282 by Davichi and I got it right. Then I requested it at S Radio Club, and the song got played less than one minute after I requested. Thanks DJ K!!
My Man by Davichi
I just clicked this video (on Youtube) in the related videos when I was finished listening to 8282 for the 20th time ina row. I immediately fell in love with this song, but I wouldn't really recommend the MV. Even though the English makes me laugh, I still love this song.

3 Songs

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gee Pants

So in my previous post I briefly talked about the pair of pants I need to exchange...for the second time. I got the purple pair, which really isn't seen in the Gee MV, but there are so many more colors to choose from including all, if not most, of the colors of the pants that the SNSD members wore in their MV. Just in case, I put the MV of Gee below! Be sure to click HD, to get a better quality video!

Fab Colored Skinny Jean $13.50
: Fabulous Finds
- Colored skinny jeans featuring the traditional 5-pocket design, belt loops, button zipper fly, and colored metal logo hardware.
- 29" inseam x 12" leg opening x 8" rise
- 98% cotton, 2% spandex; Machine wash cold
- Imported ProductCode: 2058276276

SNSD/Girl's Generation-Gee MV

Graduation Outfit

So after trying 1 out of the 3 dresses I mentioned in my previous post about a graduation outfit, I have decided that I would not buy any of them because I am pear shaped which means when I tried on one of the dresses, if the "skirt" part of the dress fit, then the "top" would be too big for me. So I will opt for separates and still get the same effect as the dresses. Going for separate pieces is better for me because I can customize the sizes to my body. I went back to and found some dressy tops that I liked.

Jenni Belted Blouse $19.80
: A pretty woven cotton-blend blouse featuring ruffled chiffon detail on the bodice, ruffled chiffon cap sleeves, a full length button placket with opaque faceted buttons, and an included glossy faux patent leather belt.
- 20" approx length from shoulder to hem
-Shell 74% cotton, 22% nylon, 4% spandex, contrast 100% polyester; Hand wash cold
-Imported ProductCode: 2056445379

Modern Lace Chiffon Top $22.80
: Love 21 - Sleeveless chiffon woven top featuring a lace front with ruffle trimming, a self tie neck sash, a peep hole back with a triple loop button top closure, full lining, and a satin banded bottom hem with elastic smocking at the back.
- 25.5" approx length from shoulder to hem
- 100% polyester, lining 100% polyester; Machine wash cold
- Imported ProductCode: 2061217089

Lace Yoke Chiffon Shirt $19.80
: Dress up a skirt or slacks with this classy sheer chiffon shirt featuring a front see-through lace yoke, ruffle trim, and a pintucked front waistband. Finished with a button placket and an attached waist tie.
- 21" approx length from shoulder to hem
- 100% cotton; Hand wash cold
- Imported ProductCode: 2060438058

Jeweled and Pleated Blouse $24.80
: Sheer capsleeve accordion pleat blouse with ruffled bodice and jeweled rhinestone buttons. Drawstring at the waist. Perfect over your F21 basics
- 25'' approx length from shoulder to hem
- 100% polyester, hand wash cold, dry flat
- Imported ProductCode: 2045462319

I like all of them, I really don't have a favorite out of all of these. I hope I can go to Forever 21 and get one of these tops, and exchange the pair of pants I got...again.
I got too small of a size the first time, and I was in too much of a rush to go to the changing rooms, and then I went back and exchanged it for a bigger size, and now its too big. I have to dance in it and it needs to be the right size. So another reason for me to go to Forever 21!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


S Radio Club
S Radio Club formerly known as Soompi Radio Club, plays mostly Korean songs, but you can also listen to an occasional Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, or even English song. I just found this online radio station because my friend was telling me about it and stories of her requesting songs on it. So I decided to give it a try. I went to, and signed up. I listen to it on my iTunes and now it's up to 110 plays. I have only requested once and that was with DJ Nugu but he got to my request (Balloons-TVXQ/DBSK) right after the song before finished playing. Then I told my friend who then also requested another DBSK/TVXQ song (Wrong Number). He played that as well. You should give it a try!
Boys Over Flowers
Before I started watching this Korean drama, I was wondering what all the hype was about. Now I understand what it was about. Kim Bum! Just Kidding. But it is a worthy drama to be watching, I don't think it matches up with all the hype, but it's not a disappointment like *cough* 2NE1's debut performance on SBS Inkigayo. I am on episode 6 right now!
I don't know, but lately I have been looking at dresses more and more often lately. Maybe because I have the Last Dance (a formal dance at my school, that only happens once a school year) and graduation! I have my Last Dance dress and I'm still looking for my graduation dress.
Super Junior-Its' You
I LOVE THIS SONG! They have two versions of MV for it too!
Drama Version

Dance Version

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like: SHINee & Corbin Bleu

HAHA! I bet I scared you huh? You could say it's not a Look-A-Like today, but it's a Sound-A-Like! So for the people who have heard SHINee's new song called Juliette have you thought that it sounded like another song but you couldn't quite grasp which one? Me too. First I thought it sounded a lot like SHINee's 산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen) but that wasn't quite it even though the 2 songs sounded very close to each other. Then I read a post on, my source for Korean entertainment news, and behold someone already found what song it sounded like! So it turns out that it is the exact same tune as Corbin Bleu's Deal With It. Ahh...did that bring me back to my Radio Disney days! Now I remember! For those who have never heard that song before I have put a video fro you guys! You have to hear it!

Corbin Bleu-Deal With It


Monday, May 18, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

Do you notice the new title. This blog is no longer Cookie Monster's Thoughts but now it is Love Cookie Monster, which is closer to my url, but still remember the S at the end of monster or else you get a different blog!

How do you like the new Super Junior photo at the title? Want the link? I tried to get the logo free scan of their Version B poster that you can buy, I want it myself!

What about the new color scheme? Is it too black-and-white? I guess I channeled in some of Super Junior's 3rd album into this color scheme, hehe.

So, so express your thoughts on this new makeover!

Graduation Dress

Graduation is coming (13 days to be exact) so it's time to find a graduation dress! I have 4 days off for no reason so this will be the perfect time to go on websites of the stores I would go to and start looking at dresses. I guess I don't have to have one because I'm going to be wearing a robe over it but it would be very nice to have one. I have been really liking the fake 2-piece dress ever since I went to Macy's to get my Last Dance dress (a post on that sometime?) and saw a whole rack of them! But anyway, I chose to show Forver21 dresses only because 1.) It's my favorite store! 2.) The prices are in a reasonable range for me because I just blew $60 on my dress for the Last Dance.

Accordion Pleat Dress $24.80
: Step in the room with this dress and all eyes will be on you! This classy dress features an accordion pleat front and sleeves, skinny faux patent leather belt, 6-button placket, lightly pleated waist with a lined satin bottom.
- 32" approx length from shoulder to hem
- shell 1: 100% polyester, shell 2: 54% polyester, 42% cotton, 4% spandex, lining 100% polyester; Machine wash cold
- Imported ProductCode: 2057808006

Polka Dot Satin Dress $22.80
: Sleeveless chiffon and satin dress featuring a sheer upper portion with a sweet polka dot print, a 7-button placket, a hidden side zipper closure, and an elastic smocked turtleneck. The smooth satin bottom features 2-front side entry pockets, vertical accent pleats, lining, and a finished bottom hem.
- 31" approx length from shoulder to hem
- Upper: 100% polyester, bottom 58% polyester, 39% cotton, 3% spandex, lining 100% polyester; Machine wash cold
- Imported ProductCode: 2059455078

Denise Pintucked Dress $32.80
: An elegant sleeveless dress featuring pintucked detail on the bodice, grosgrain ruffle trim, a back keyhole with toggle button closure, and a removable satin waist tie. Hidden side zipper closure.
- 33'' approx length from shoulder to hem
- Shell 1: 35% cotton, 65% polyester, Shell 2: 30% silk, 70% cotton, lining 100% polyester; Dry clean only
- Imported ProductCode: 2059427988

I like the the bow belt but not the collar on the 3rd one. I like the skirt but not the "shirt" on the 1st one. I like the "shirt" but not the simpleness of the skirt on the 2rd one. The least expensive one is the 2rd one, then the 1st one, and the most expensive is the 3rd one. If I had to pick one of the 3, I would prbably pick the 2nd one; cheap, cute, and it looks the most like the one I was picturing in my head.
What would be your choice? Or do you think I chould just get a different dress altogether? Comment and let me know!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Super!

So remember the post where I promised to post almost everything I knew about Super Junior's 3rd album. Well, here it is. I know it's kinda late considering that they are almost ending their Sorry, Sorry promotions.

First off, I never posted the Sorry, Sorry MV! How could I not?!

And my favorite part of Cd promotions...THE VARIETY SHOWS!! Unfortunately I can't post all of the shows I have watched but, I can give you links to a few youtube users who have them all there: and Both have English subs for people like me who can't understand 99.9% of Korean.

And the best part. Super Junior's new MV for It's You. I love it 10 times more than Sorry, Sorry and I LOVE Sorry, Sorry. I hhope it's gonna be a hit. I especially love the choreography.

White Roses

So ever since my friend got my other friends mirrors from Taiwan (and not me D:), I have been searching for a compact mirror. It shocked me how I don't usually have a mirror in my bag! So I found out that I liked white compact mirrors. The prices differ by $20!

Forever 21
Rose Compact $4.80
: A plastic rose compact featuring a self open closure and smooth backing.
- 3.2" approx dia
- ImportedProductCode: 1060610660

Anna Sui
Beauty Mirror (White Rose)
Unit price US$24.00
Color / Pack Size 1 item
Availability In stock: usually ships within 1 - 2 days