Thursday, August 20, 2009


Seventeen magazine did page about timeless pieces in fashion in their September issue and the four pieces that were talked about were pearl necklaces, the little black dresses, oversize black tote bags, and trench coats. The one that caught my eye the most was the trench coat because that is 1 out 2 of the things mentioned that I don't have, the other being the oversize black tote. I found a really cute one at Forever, I hope I can find it in stores though (usually when something comes out on the website, it already came out in stores).

Cedargrove Trench Coat
: This simple lightweight cotton trench coat is the perfect solution when you need fashionable all-day style. Its shape is classically sophisticated and it features a smart double-breasted design, hidden front inset pockets, adjustable sleeve straps, and a removable waist sash.
- 32'' approx length from shoulder to hem
- Shell 100% cotton, lining 100% poly; Hand wash cold
- Imported
ProductCode: 2053537848

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look-A-Like: Anna Sui & Daiso

Yesterday was designer Anna Sui's birthday! So happy birthday Anna Sui!

So you remember my compact mirror obsession a while back. It was actually started by Anna Sui's mirrors. I just love the glossy black color of the mirrors and the rose patterns. Butt he one thing is that they are pretty expensive, about $25 for 1 compact mirror! But I would still look for them because I think they are just so pretty! But not just the mirrors, her combs, makeup cases all have that black rose print.

So when I went to Daiso a while back, I remember seeing similar mirrors that looked very similar to the Anna Sui ones but dirt cheap, like $1.50, $3, or $4. But I didn't buy one of them because they weren't foldable like I wanted but more like hand mirrors. But now I totally regret it and I hope I can go back to Daiso as soon as I can, which might be a while because it is a little far from me.
I haven't seen this one in person yet, but it has a rose and is folding so it has hope for my liking. It's probably $1.50.
This is the bigger version of the hand mirror I saw and this one was $3. I If I was going to get a hand mirror, I would get this one, but I already have so, I'll think about it.
The smaller version of the hand mirror. I don't know if I could be able to shove it in my bag though. This one is $1.50, a very good deal.
This is the mirror stand that's $4. I would get it if I didn't have a mirror on my dresser in my room. So not, it's not 1 of the ones I want to buy but still very pretty and Anna Sui-esque.