Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look-A-Like: Anna Sui & Daiso

Yesterday was designer Anna Sui's birthday! So happy birthday Anna Sui!

So you remember my compact mirror obsession a while back. It was actually started by Anna Sui's mirrors. I just love the glossy black color of the mirrors and the rose patterns. Butt he one thing is that they are pretty expensive, about $25 for 1 compact mirror! But I would still look for them because I think they are just so pretty! But not just the mirrors, her combs, makeup cases all have that black rose print.

So when I went to Daiso a while back, I remember seeing similar mirrors that looked very similar to the Anna Sui ones but dirt cheap, like $1.50, $3, or $4. But I didn't buy one of them because they weren't foldable like I wanted but more like hand mirrors. But now I totally regret it and I hope I can go back to Daiso as soon as I can, which might be a while because it is a little far from me.
I haven't seen this one in person yet, but it has a rose and is folding so it has hope for my liking. It's probably $1.50.
This is the bigger version of the hand mirror I saw and this one was $3. I If I was going to get a hand mirror, I would get this one, but I already have so, I'll think about it.
The smaller version of the hand mirror. I don't know if I could be able to shove it in my bag though. This one is $1.50, a very good deal.
This is the mirror stand that's $4. I would get it if I didn't have a mirror on my dresser in my room. So not, it's not 1 of the ones I want to buy but still very pretty and Anna Sui-esque.

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Feifei said...

I bought the foldable one - it's only $1.50 and although it snaps shut securely, the two halves don't meet flush. Dunno if it's all or just mine. :|