Monday, March 30, 2009


From now on will I not only have my passions on the sidebar, I will also have weekly? posts for it too. Or whenever I feel like it.

Last week I missed Grey's Anatomy, my favorite, favorite show. So my friend told me to watch it on I just wathed it and it's absolutely amazing. The quality (I watched it in HD) is amazing! The advertisements are shorter too! The only thing I thought was a little annoying was that it lagged everytime I changed it to full screen and back, but that might be from my internet connection. But I thought it was so clear overall.
Dancing with the Stars
Anybody watch this show too? Last time I actually watched the whole season for DwtS was season 1, but I have been watching snippets of almost every season. this season, I think, has people that are extremely good at dancing and then people that aren't. But I still watch it, because it's a dance show.
Super Junior
Haha, I'm such and e.l.f! Well, this is always on my passions list, but today I thought they were extra special. Every since their 3rd album (yayy!), they have been going on more and more variety shows! That's pretty typical for all k-pop stars because they want to promote their new CD but it's Super Junior, the funniest people on variety shows. I have lists of what to watch already, I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO SUB THEM!!! Come show that I want to watch are We Got Married (episode 50, Kangin & Yoonji cuts) and Let's Sleep Here Tonight/Let Me Sleep Here Tonight.
My School Friends
Leaving them is going to be the hardest thing for me this whole year, it evens beats out science fair projects, research reporst, everything. I don't want to leave them so soon, or ever for that matter...I don't want to face June 3rd, the last day I will probably seeall of us together. I'm going to be so sad on the last day of school.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sorry, Sorry

Sorry, I'm quite annoying when I get really really excited about something. Before it was Gee, now it's Super Junior's 3rd album! They just released their teaser music video, and I thought I should post it, just because. So here it is. It's so different from their past styles, but I guess everybody's style is changing with every album depending on what te trend is. Im guessing the trend is electronic sounding, techno, with lots of repetiveness. Examples of that trend are BoA's I did it For Love, SNSD's Gee, and Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like: Key (SHINee) & Taeyeon (SNSD)

I couldn't find good pictures of Taeyeon, partly because I didn't want to but, doesn't Key (farthest right, top picture) look like Taeyeon with his wig on? I sure think so, so does my friend. I mean it's not the greatest comparison, guy to a girl. I'm not trying to insult them or make fun of them. I love Key! (I don't really like SNSD, but that's not really Taeyeon's fault.)

Okay, they might not look alike in these pictures but do search on a search engine. I swear you will get a much better picture.

On a side note, so you know where the SHINee picture came from? It's from the MNet School of Rock episode with SHINee on July 24, 2008.